A compelling and engaging speaker, Mia works closely with organisations to create and deliver talks that make a profound and sustained difference. Experienced and sought-after, she regularly speaks in corporate, personal development, and academic settings to consistently outstanding feedback.

Mia gives talks and hosts workshops to audiences of all sizes, including investment bankers, law firms and private equity houses. Topics covered include mediation, conflict, difficult conversations, leadership, communication, workplace culture, diversity and inclusion, mental energy and creating change.

Mia was invited to speak at Chatham House on Understanding Conflict and was part of a panel of ‘rising star’ mediators during Mediation Awareness Week in 2017. She regularly teaches leadership, organisational culture and communication on an Advanced Entrepreneur lab course (e-Lab). Mia’s style is warm and engaging. As well as being researched and heartfelt, her talks are said to be impactful, changing perspectives and lives.



Understanding Conflict in Turkey and around the world

Invited to speak at this sold out event at Chatham House, Mia discussed new ways of studying conflict through the lenses of neuroscience and culture. In particular, she explained why understanding the anatomy of conflicts – as well as having realistic expectations – is key to resolving them. This event was held on the record with the Q&A under the Chatham House Rule. The event was sold out and wait-listed.


Intelligent Change and Women

Mia was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the London Launch of The Queen’s Women’s Network hosted by The University of Oxford’s Queen’s College on International Women’s Day.

The event was a professional and social initiative for Old Members to network within and across the generations to celebrate successes, promote equality and inclusion, and to champion change. The Network is one of the initiatives being created to mark the 40th anniversary of women at Queen’s in 2019.

Mia’s talk was designed to inspire women to decide how they wanted to support each other and the World around them.

Panel Discussion

Culture and Conflict Resolution

During the Franco-British Lawyer’s Society’s Breakfast Seminar on Mediation in France and the UK, Mia spoke on the topic of culture and conflict resolution. The focus of this talk, delivered to a group of her peers, was on how culture affects conflict resolution through the lens of neuroscience and psychology. The talk also answered questions like: What is culture? And why is it important in resolving conflict?

Panel Discussion

Challenging Mediation Misconceptions

This panel session took place during Mediation Awareness Week and focused on breaking through the barriers, challenging mediation misconceptions and unmasking its mystery.

One of three rising stars in mediation selected, Mia joined a panel with experience across a great breadth of disputes, both national and international. Together they challenged the misconceptions and prejudices so frequently associated with mediation. The discussion identified the often unexpected achievements produced by mediation, sharing fresh perspectives and reflections with a varied audience.


We were delighted to invite Mia to speak at Chatham House because of the unique perspectives that she brings together as an international mediator/facilitator understanding conflict through the lenses of culture and neuroscience. Her background in mindfulness shines through in the way that she speaks, the work that she does and the way that she interacts with participants and the audience.

Fadi Hakura
Manager of the Turkey Project, Chatham House

Mia is a confident, compelling and knowledgeable speaker who knows exactly how to connect with her audience.

Anna Howard, Lawyer, Mediator & Editor,
QMW & Kluwer Mediation Blog

Mia’s ability to command a room of 40+ investment bankers and get them switching off their phones and being in the now says it all. One of our clients described Mia as “the ultimate professional and expert in her field” and I could not agree more.

Kim Johnson, Director,
Wellness London