Organisational Culture

Most companies spend a lot of time working on their strategy, but very little considering their culture. Strategy is important, but a culture that everyone believes in results in employees who are more engaged, more committed and more productive.

Team and Workplace Dynamics

Workplaces are a melting pot of different skills, personalities and working styles. This diversity creates balance, allowing teams to perform well, but can also result in clashes. Mia helps organisations explore ways to draw people together, build trust and unlock the potential of their employees.

Conflict Consulting

How an organisation deals with conflict is of utmost importance in the avoidance of sickness, absence, grievances and tribunals, all of which cost dearly. Handling conflict sensitively and smartly, with the right informal processes in place, leads to a healthier workplace and a healthier bottom-line.


Case Study

Restructuring and finding a new direction

An organisation needed to restructure and find a new direction. They were facing cut-backs and potential job losses. Mia and her team supported the Board in their analysis and decision making process. Having undertaken in-depth research, worked with key players in the organisation and interviewed clients (on a no-names basis) to gain a more objective perspective, the team and Board agreed on five options. These alternatives were then fleshed out and Mia supported the Board in having a constructive conversation to determine their future direction. This was successfully implemented over the course of a two-year plan.

Case Study

Repairing a rift and moving from strength to strength

The founder of a successful business approached Mia after a fall-out with one of his co-founders. It was a tricky and delicate situation, involving a clash of personalities and quite serious accusations. Through a series of mediated discussions they succeeded in resolving the key issues and the three partners found a new way forward. Mia was asked to continue supporting the company, providing executive coaching as well as helping develop a coherent strategy and corporate culture that works for all. Two years on, they are successfully working together and the business has grown from strength to strength.

Case Study

The pains of a changing organisation

An organisation had undergone significant changes. It also had employees who had joined at different times when the organisation had different ethoses. This caused friction. We created a forum for team members to air concerns and an opportunity for frank discussion. We looked at corporate culture, interactions with the Board and between staff members and co-designed a new culture and better ways of engaging.


Mia has had a big impact on the stability, growth and future of our company

In 2016, our business was only three years old, and we had challenges in three key areas: Inexperienced leadership; a rift between the partners and a lack of clear direction.

Over the past two years, Mia has provided executive coaching, mediation and strategic planning. Her unusual ability to think and plan strategically, combined with deep empathy means she was able to effectively help our business to bury our divisions, then to develop and execute on a successful growth plan. This has led to the business doubling its profits over the two years.

Our business would not exist in its current form, nor have the same positive outlook were it not for the invaluable assistance of Mia.

Founder and Director,
Travel Sector