Team Coaching

Team dynamics can make or break an organisation. A diverse team makes for better results, but brings with it the potential for conflict. Understanding the challenges and learning to deal with them effectively is crucial for successful team working and a motivated, productive workforce.

Corporate Coaching

An effective way to support your team, corporate coaching is useful where individuals are transitioning to a new level or where there are difficult issues to address. It can be provided to specific individuals identified by management, or opened to anyone who would like a session.

Executive Coaching

Few successful people got where they are without good support. Mia supports busy professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to reach their highest potential in a sustainable way. A reliable sounding board, she challenges her clients in a friendly way and helps them to develop resilience and better work-life integration.


Case Study

Coaching sessions in financial institutions

Mia runs 30 minute and 45 minute drop-in coaching sessions in a number of banks and financial institutions. Initially when she was asked to do this, she was not sure how much could be achieved in a half an hour session – she was surprised! Sessions tend to be popular and highly productive.

Case Study

Key staff leaving

A team were struggling with staff leaving at a critical juncture in the organisation’s development. Mia conducted confidential interviews with a number of key members and supported a confidential team meeting in which staff members had an opportunity to air their concerns. The concerns were then raised on a no-names basis with the management team who were able to reassure staff and maintain morale.

Case Study

The pains of a changing organisation

An organisation had undergone significant changes. It also had employees who had joined at different times when the organisation had different ethoses. This caused friction. We created a forum for team members to air concerns and an opportunity for frank discussion. We looked at corporate culture, interactions with the board and between staff members and co-designed a new culture and better ways of engaging.


I can’t believe it’s just our second session and it’s had such a big impact already: I’m so much happier and making better, clearer business decisions

Tech and Entertainment industries

Thank you for leading us so ably through this morning’s minefield! I have received only positive feedback.

International Charity

I can only describe my life now as transformed. I have a deeper understanding of my behaviours and my communication and stress management in general have vastly improved, I am self assured, calmer and better able to deal with difficult situations.

Senior Insolvency Practitioner


Leadership & Creativity

Both experts and businesses agree that creativity is a core factor in the success of modern companies. Yet, according to NASA, we are creative geniuses up to the age of 4 or 5. By the time we turn 10, 70% of that creative genius has gone, and by 15 it has virtually all disappeared. With a little courage, and the F-word (fun), we will help you get it back.


Mental Energy

How can we be at our best more of the time? What happens to us under stress? Can it ever be helpful? How can we improve our mental energy and our capacity to respond well in challenging situations? How can we take care of ourselves in ways which enhance our lives and our work, as well as improving all of our relationships. Mia has delivered this workshop in a wide range of corporate settings to exceptional feedback.


You want your team to be as committed to your organisation as you are. But what can you do when your people just aren’t as motivated or efficient as you would like? It is not always easy to pinpoint the cause, find a solution and get everyone onboard. An experienced outsider taking time to understand the situation can help identify the issues and recommend a course of action that will increase employee engagement and productivity.