Commercial disputes can be draining: they are expensive, time consuming, and wreck relationships. Legal fees often outweigh the amount of the claim. CEDR accredited and specialising in technology, energy and the environment, Mia works with parties to find the best available solution. She is known for resolving disputes involving difficult emotions and complex subject-matter.


Conflict and grievances in the workplace can cause irreparable damage if not handled skillfully. From lack of motivation, to absenteeism and poor performance, the impact can be felt not only on the individuals involved but also across the wider team. An objective, CEDR-accredited mediator, Mia is skilled at ensuring that all parties feel heard and helping people to get tricky relationships back on track.

Families, Teams & Partnerships

Relationships between family members, team members, co-founders and directors are vital to the health of businesses and can be tricky to navigate. Mediation is a valuable tool wherever differences of opinion threaten to derail progress. It can be provided in a range of settings, including with start-ups, founders, boards and partnerships.

Case Study

Workplace, Team and Potential Grievances

A team of three highly valued individuals had been in dispute for over 5 years. There were allegations of bullying, unfair treatment, absences from work due to stress and a severe lack of trust. They did not want to sit in the same room. Both management intervention and previous attempts at external mediation had failed. Through three in-person sessions and telephone conversations with the individuals, Mia helped them to work out their past issues and find a way forward. A year on they are still working well together.

Case Study

Commercial Partnership Dispute

Co-Founders and Partners were involved in a dispute over the terms of their original agreement, division of profits and repayment of loans. In addition, allegations of fraud had been made against one of the parties. They were considering whether they needed to end their agreement and go their separate ways. The mediation helped them understand what had happened as well as restoring their faith in each other. They developed a new clearer partnership agreement and are now able to collaborate in developing their practice.

Case Study

Government of Mongolia Energy Legislation and New Department

Mia and a colleague were invited to advise on energy legislation in Mongolia and mediate between different government departments and Parliament to determine the political will to move forwards options under consideration. They brought together global expertise in energy efficiency, having worked in more than 30 countries worldwide, as well as offering legal and mediation expertise. They were able to advise on international best practice, assist in drafting legislation and assess the viability of options.

Case Study

Church of England Shared Conversations on Human Sexuality

Around the time that gay marriage was legalised, the House of Bishops recommended that the Church of England have supported conversations. The aim of these conversations was to help the Church to disagree respectfully. Mia was one of a group of mediators selected to work on these conversations over the course of two years, across various regions and at General Synod.

Mia mediated quite an intense matter for us under less than ideal conditions – with the other party on the phone. We had not expected the matter to settle and were pleased that she helped us to come to an agreement swiftly. I found her to be highly professional and empathic.
CEO, Tech Sector,
Commercial Mediation
Mia’s Mediation services were invaluable to help our organisation resolve a difficult conflict between founding members. Throughout the process, she showed herself to be empathetic, knowledgeable, patient and fair. She treated the problem like her own.

While some of us involved in the dispute, initially doubted the need and value of mediation, Mia’s approach has helped us to achieve a resolution that would not have been possible without her help.

Director and co-Founder,
Executive Travel Industry
When Mia started mediation within our organisation, we considered it a final, last ditch attempt to resolve a complex long-standing dispute in one of our departments. Mia has great empathy with people and her warmth helps all parties feel at ease quickly. Through her skilled mediation, Mia successfully helped the team to achieve a win/win outcome, with all parties taking responsibility for making changes and agreeing a more positive way of working in the future.
Head of Human Resources,
Workplace Mediation

Mediation Skills

There is an art to finding middle ground, whilst holding your own. To getting what you want, whilst being willing to give your counterpart what they want on reasonable terms. Getting this right results in better business, improved reputations, and a more stable workforce.

This workshop teaches a range of techniques to prevent legal disputes, resolve conflicts before they escalate and work more effectively and collaboratively. It is available for business people also specifically tailored for HR Professionals.


Navigating Difficult Conversations Well

Most of us dread having challenging conversations. Avoiding tough conversations is the number one behaviour that leaders identified as getting in the way in organisations across the world. When there is a lot at stake we can feel that we don’t have the skills to navigate these conversations, but avoiding them leads to missed opportunities. This workshop gives participants the courage to have difficult conversations and the skills to navigate them successfully, leading to better conversations, better working relationships and better outcomes.


You want your team to be as committed to your organisation as you are. But what can you do when your people just aren’t as motivated or efficient as you would like? It is not always easy to pinpoint the cause, find a solution and get everyone onboard. An experienced outsider taking time to understand the situation can help identify the issues and recommend a course of action that will increase employee engagement and productivity.