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Conferences & Events

Gathering people together is an investment of time, money and reputation. Mia creates engaging, participative conferences and events. She helps set the right tone and capitalise on your investment, ensuring that objectives are met and participants feel energised and inspired.

Organisational Culture and Strategy

Organisational change can be challenging and stressful. If stakeholders are not engaged, they can feel alienated. Involving participants in a meaningful way allows them to develop a shared vision. This draws people together and increases their commitment to implementing their solution.

Families, Teams and Conflict Resolution

Relationships within any group can become strained. Mia supports families, teams, management and boards during times when difficult conversations are needed. An impartial facilitator, her extensive experience allows her to skilfully navigate challenging situations changing group dynamics and finding new solutions.

Case Study

European Business Awards for the Environment

The European Commission recognises Eco-innovation and respect for the Environment through the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE). They are awarded by the EU to celebrate pioneer companies that combine competitiveness with exceptional environmental credentials. Mia was Master of Ceremonies for the 2018/19 awards in Vienna.

Case Study

Circular Economy and Energy Transition for Industrial Minerals

Industrial minerals are essential raw materials used in many downstream industry sectors – such as steel, paper, plastics, paint, glass, ceramics and construction.The Industrial Minerals Association brings together the key European players. It represents over 500 companies in 28 countries. The event brought together high level speakers from the EU institutions and Member States, and business leaders from the industrial minerals and downstream (plastics) to discuss the circular economy and how to transition towards a low carbon economy. We worked together with a cartoonist to create a lively and engaging debate.

Case Study

Series of closed-door discussions on the Refugee Crisis

This two-year project brought together NGOs, Think Tanks and politicians, with the aim of triggering transformation of public debates. It was part of a programme between a European think-tank (Istituto Affari Internazionali), a Turkish think-tank (the Istanbul Policy Centre) and the Mercator Foundation. Events were held in Athens, Rome, Istanbul, Budapest, Sicily and Berlin. Most involved a visit to a refugee facility followed by in-depth discussions under the Chatham House Rule.

Mia was Master of Ceremonies for the European Business Awards for the Environment. She had the perfect approach, tone and focus, striking the right balance so that it became an intimate yet prestigious event. I recommend her highly.
Peter Czaga, European Commission
DG Environment
Mia facilitated our network leadership through a series of strategically important and difficult issues and helped us build consensus around a new organisational model and transition plan. She introduced a critical perspective in a way which gave room for honest but useful debate between directors and helped us to address, rather than avoid, difficult decisions.
Executive Director, Global NGO
Mia moderated a two day workshop in Brussels, involving funding cuts, potential job losses, and changes in working practices and relationships.She ran the workshop in a very efficient and pleasant way, ensuring that everyone was fully heard. She brought much-needed clarity and flexibility to the process and made it work. I was impressed by her and would, without any doubt, recommend her for other complex processes.
Technical Director, International Organisation

Facilitation Training

Many training courses give people a basic idea of what facilitation is about. Few truly prepare the participant for the unpredictable reality they encounter in the room. Building on years of practical experience, Mia and Peter Woodward have developed a deeper training programme tailored to the specific needs of course participants. Separately and together, they deliver training courses for people who want to run genuinely participative events.


You want your team to be as committed to your organisation as you are. But what can you do when your people just aren’t as motivated or efficient as you would like? It is not always easy to pinpoint the cause, find a solution and get everyone onboard. An experienced outsider taking time to understand the situation can help identify the issues and recommend a course of action that will increase employee engagement and productivity.