Our own and others’ leadership skills affect us and our organisations profoundly. Mia teaches Leadership Skills in both professional and academic settings. Leadership development transforms individuals, teams, organisations and society. Difficult conversations are one of leaders’ greatest weaknesses. Mia combines leadership and communication development to outstanding feedback.

Organisational Culture & Team Dynamics

We often underestimate the importance of culture and team dynamics. They are central to creating productivity and excellence. What is culture? And what is the best kind of culture for your organisation? How can we create highly performing teams? Creating a culture that everyone believes in and is committed to can be challenging. There is no more worthwhile endeavour.


Effective communication is central to good business. Inability to have challenging conversations tends to hold people and organisations back. It has been identified as a key issue in leadership. Good communication builds trust. Mia’s training empowers individuals and HR professionals to feel confident in their communication, even in difficult circumstances.



Navigating Difficult Conversations Well

Most of us dread having challenging conversations. Avoiding tough conversations is the number one behaviour that leaders identified as getting in the way in organisations across the world. When there is a lot at stake we can feel that we don’t have the skills to navigate these conversations, but avoiding them leads to missed opportunities. This workshop gives participants the courage to have difficult conversations and the skills to navigate them successfully, leading to better conversations, better working relationships and better outcomes.


Mediation Skills for business and HR professionals

There is an art to finding middle ground, whilst holding your own. To getting what you want, whilst being willing to give your counterpart what they want on reasonable terms. Getting this right results in better business, improved reputations, and a more stable workforce.

This workshop teaches a range of techniques to prevent legal disputes, resolve conflicts before they escalate and work more effectively and collaboratively. It is available for business people also specifically tailored for HR Professionals.


Leadership & Creativity

Both experts and businesses agree that creativity is a core factor in the success of modern companies. Yet, according to NASA, we are creative geniuses up to the age of 4 or 5. By the time we turn 10, 70% of that creative genius has gone, and by 15 it has virtually all disappeared. With a little courage, and the F-word (fun), we will help you get it back.

Hands On Workshop

Facilitation Training

Many training courses give people a basic idea of what facilitation is about. Few truly prepare the participant for the unpredictable reality they encounter in the room. Building on years of practical experience, Mia and Peter Woodward have developed a deeper training programme tailored to the specific needs of course participants. Separately and together, they deliver training courses for people who want to run genuinely participative events.


Mental Energy

How can we be at our best more of the time? What happens to us under stress? Can it ever be helpful? How can we improve our mental energy and our capacity to respond well in challenging situations? How can we take care of ourselves in ways which enhance our lives and our work, as well as improving all of our relationships. Mia has delivered this workshop in a wide range of corporate settings to exceptional feedback.


Your training moved us as a team to new heights.

Director, Global Organisation,
Energy Sector

We had an intense but great week in Lisbon and your training was certainly the highlight. Thank you so much! Everyone I talked to really liked and valued it.

Peter Ulrich, European Secretariat,

Thanks for the amazing sessions. Although it hasn’t even been 24 hours I’ve already seen changes in the way I’m communicating. I had that difficult conversation with my social media manager and I can already tell our relationship is stronger because of it.

a day after Mia’s Difficult Conversations workshop