Choose to Challenge

It felt meaningful to be included in WeAreTheCity ‘s #ChooseToChallenge 100 women to tell a story about HOW TO CHALLENGE. I think lots of people (women and men) don’t speak up because they don’t know HOW to challenge and that it’s possible to challenge KINDLY AND POWERFULLY. So, in the hope of being of service, I spoke about that and how, when I am able, I choose to challenge kindly and powerfully.

Here is my video.

I want to thank Harriet Waley-Cohen, not only for being a wonderful friend, for her video ( – which is well worth a watch on our internal world and how we can be more empowered to take our place in the world – but also for talking through the content of mine with me and helping me shape my ideas. She is fantastic at that among many other things.

I feel privileged to be part of the #ChooseToChallenge100 women and part of an ever-growing tribe of women with strong clear voices and meaningful support and friendship.

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